Friday, January 1, 2016

Thank You 2015

It was one of the best year I had. I couldn't be more thankful and grateful for everything that happened in 2015.

Jan   :Spent my 29th birthday in Taidong with myself
Feb  :Went to Qingjing with Sanjie, witnessed snowfall in Hehuanshan
Mar :Went Taichung with Ah Zhe
Apr :Went Lanyu with Weijian & Andrew, brought along our bicycles
May:Went camping in Hualian with myself
June:Went back home to attend Julie's wedding. Visited Tioman and Singapore too.
Aug :Went Kyoto & Osaka with Lin
Sept :Went to Singapore to meet up with Lebf for the first time after we got together
Nov :Went to Nepal with Weijian for the Earthquake Project. Collected USD3,256 to renovate the               cracked wall and built a new tin roof for the family.
Dec : Went Qingjing & Taipei with Jimi

Thank you God for all the blessing you showered me in 2015. I'm humbled by your love.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Year of 2014

So much things happened in 2014. Po passed away in March. We didnt expect her to leave so fast but she has been coughing for quite some time before she collapsed. I thought she would be able to see me in my wedding gown... ok stop. 

1. Spent 1week in Penang and another week in Langkawi for my 28th birthday
2. Made a reccee trip to Sapa for the second time in April with Aaron for Sapa Warm Winter Project
3. Work in Taiwan since 21st May, based in Kenting 
4. Bought my first bicycle in Kenting
5. Went to Lanyu in September, together with my bicycle
6. Sapa Warm Winter Project in November, collected USD6800 to buy 150 sets of warm jackets/shoes/socks/gloves, blankets and stationary for three different schools in the village.

It was a good year still! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

2 years

had gone so quickly. So many things have happened and changed over this two years. Lost some, gained more.

But I've gained so much more here back at home,
1. bought my first car - second hand Kenari. 
2. got my long wanted guitar
3. set up my own online advertising business -
4. worked and traveled in Taiwan,
5. traveled to Thailand, Hongkong  and Macau.
6. volunteered in Vietnam.
7. bought my favourite camera - Olympus Pen Mini.
8. shaved bald and raised about RM29,000 for Sabah Children Cancer Society.
9. bought new bedroom set for myself.
10. had 2 years teaching experience in CHS. 

It was a crazy two years. 2 years of continuous crying, emotionally drained. I hope everything will end just there. 2014 gonna be good, at least that's what I promised myself, to forget what had happened and to forgive myself. 2014 will be good! =) 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tinggi-tinggi Gunung Kinabalu

It was all started with one quick and random decision made last year in less than 5 minutes. RM50+ for return ticket and kaki to hike and water raft together. It was quite a good catch so why think twice right. A year has passed so incredibly fast that here we are in Sabah already and in hope to to conquer Mt. Kinabalu and leave our footsteps at the peak. Woots!

Yeah I was the one and only girl that taking up this challenge with this bunch of dudes. So it was not hard to imagine how far I was left behind by them. One single step taken by them was equal to two and a half steps by me.

It was funny how we were all wrapped up in layers of clothes before the hike while the other climbers were only wearing their normal hiking attire. It was about 14-15C but we were already freezing! This shows bad health? Ha I don't know. But then after a few metres up, we begun to sweat and feel suffocated. All extra shirts were taken off and packed into the bag again. Oh, I was actually carrying my 9kg ruck sack in the beginning. But it was too much for me to carry up the high staircases so I decided not to go against my limits and surrendered. I rather pay Rm100 to hire a porter than to gamble my chance to reach the peak. It was actually quite disappointing because I thought I could handle it and take up the challenge for myself. Never mind, saving the energy to reach the top was my top priority!

For every 500m there's a mark. For every 1km there's a pondok for us to rest and have our toilet break. But we couldn't afford to have a long rest as it would slow the momentum and it would get us lazier. So after catching a few breath, we continued unwillingly.

We went up through Mesilau Trail which was longer but with more beautiful views. Mount K trails were all staircases, big and small, high and low. All sorts. It took us almost 10 hours to reach Laban Rata - the rest stop at midhill. Going up wasn't really a big problem to me because I carried only light bag and the fascinating views had kept me going happily.

When we reached Laban Rata, it was about sunset. The view from the balcony was really beyond words and almost near heaven! All the tiredness had just gone immediately when clouds were just at your eye level and the colors of the sky were worth to die for. There, we had our dinner and we ate like we were starved for days! Then we rested for a night before we continue our journey to the peak early in the morning. The room we stayed in was already so cold that we had to wear layers of clothes to sleep in. It was about 7-8C.

We woke up at about 1am to have our breakfast before we proceed to the peak at 2am. It was still pitch dark and the queue to the peak was pretty long. There were about 100+ hikers that day. People stop and pant. Some quit not long after. Some struggle to carry on. Some hesitate. It was really quite mental. The air was getting thinner. The pressure was getting higher. Luckily I have a very good guide that helped me alot througout. He held my hand and we hiked up step by step together. We talked we laughed all the way. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be able to reach the peak just before the sunrise. And his name is Kasree! I just adore him! Oh did I mention that he's really a good photographer? All these nice pictures of me were taken by him.

The peak was freezing cold at about 5C. But I came well prepared with everything i had, 5 tops ( 2 jackets) , 3 pants, 2 socks, 2 gloves, 2 warm pads in each hand & 1 shawl. So i was pretty kept warm with all these and that allowed me to enjoy my stay at the peak comfortably. However, we must descend from the peak at 7am the latest so that we would be able to reach the foothill before the sky turns dark. I wish we could stay longer at the peak!

We made it! The Low's Peak at 4095.2M above sea level.

The sense of achievement was so great when you're on top of Mount K. The scenery was so unbelievable that for a second you thought you were in some other country instead of Malaysia. And for that moment I was so proud to be a Malaysian! Lol. Crap! After about 45min at the top we had to descent where the nightmare begun again. Going down was alot more torturing. My legs don't belong to me anymore that time and every steps was so hard that you thought they would break just at anytime! I had to depend all my steps on the stick I bought at Rm10. Without it I would have fallen down umpteen of times and make the process worsen. It took me almost 8 hours to reach the foothill where it took the rest only about 5 hours. I know I suck but I've tried to go faster but the both legs just wouldn't listen to any orders. Still, I was glad that I made it down safely and just when you thought the whole world had forgotten your existence and the rain came pouring down, you found your teammate was waiting for you at the exit gate, that was enough to bring down all the tears but I hold it! Stay strong and cool! Ha.

It was really an awesome hike and I have no regret of going though it was really tiring ( and we had to go white water rafting the next day! Shall blog about this next time). It was a once in a life time experience that I'm proud with. And it was another striped off to-do! Yay! Don't ask me when will I go again. But I will tell you, YOU MUST DO IT at least for one time so you don't die regretting. Love it! =)

P/s : MUST bring along your music player to keep you sane.

Friday, January 28, 2011

We're the Cicak Man!

After presenting my proposal and a few negotiations with Camp 5 , they've finally agreed to sponsor my fund-raising project by subsidizing me 30% of the total fees collected! With the helps from friends and new friends that I've made through the climb, it was a successful activity which attended by 32 people! And also not forgetting those who came and gave their moral supports. =)

It was one-hour climb where we experienced 3 types of walls with different heights and challenges. Seriously, organizing this climb was really a big challenge to me as I have acrophobia. But I really want to do this, to overcome it! OK. This picture below was the warm up wall we had. It might look easy like that-not very high. But i personally think this was crazy and the worst! Because they didn't have any safety thingy tied up to you and if you fall, you fall! So no matter what you have to hold yourself there until you got to the top.

The second climb was higher but not as tough and stressed as it had us all tied up nicely and secured well. You know you're safe with those. It was a 8m castle wall. We all looked terribly ugly when we climbed especially to those who were watching us from below. Nah, nobody climbs gracefully anyway!

And this was the autobelay wall, 12meter. It took like forever to reach the top! and for my climb I used the autobelay device which I kinda like it! But not the part where I have to descent from the top on my own; meaning to you have to do a FREE FALL from 12m. Imagine that! How could they do this to me, an acrophobia poor girl! I literally took more than 10min to convince myself to let go and the whole centre could hear me yelling all the way down!

It all ended too fast and too long. For each climb it seemed ages but one hour passed in a blink. It was indeed a very challenging game and I think I fall in love with wall climbing now. I will go back there again and get myself properly trained up and get rid of the damn height problem.

I just love the day we climbed and everyone enjoyed themselves alot. It was a big success I would say! And I wouldn't have done this without the helps and participation from all of them. I'm so blessed and thankful =)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Graduation Trip!

Choosing from Taiwan to Bangkok, then to Bali, and finally we decided to take on KRABI! It was one of my dream island to go and yeah I've made it there! It was indeed an amazing place, a paradise! The trip was perfect with this bunch of crazy fellas i have =)

I found this very nice hotel - Aree Tara from random forum and it was definitely worth the stay and it was at very reasonable price too. With the amazing open balcony we could literally jump into the pool from it! But,the main attraction me choosing this hotel was the super super cute towel-made-elephant! When I first saw it from the pictures I was in love with it and Iwant to stay there already! The hotel staffs were so friendly and you just feel like home with them.

Look at the place! It was so incredibly beautiful with greenish sea, mountains, rocks and the blue sky. It totally worth all the sun burnt and everything in exchange of these scenic pictures. And it was strongly recommended, personally, that one should really take up the kayak package into the mangroves and caves. It might be exhausting kayaking the whole day, but it definitely pay off with the breathtaking scenery that awaits you! We were all so astonished and amazed by carvings in the caves and the massive mountains and rocks around us.

Another wonderful experience would be dining at the top of the hill while enjoying the lovely sunset and amazing dinner at this place called i-forget-what-was-the-name. It has the most beautiful panorama view of the beach stretch.

The night market was a must-go too! I spent so much on food and I don't care if I put on weight for this. The BBQ egg, bamboo fruit juice, shaved coconut, pork intestines, seafood and many others. We even bought some back to the hotel, just cant stop eating!

We went to Maya Bay where the movie The Beach by Leonardo Di Caprio was shot here. It has become such a tourist attraction but tourists are not allowed to stay overnight there so that to protect and conserve the beauty of the beach.

This 4 days and 3 nights trip was an unforgettable one where we did so many silly and funny things. I'm sure that we would still laugh about it after many years =) And this graduation trip marked the end of our 3 years of university life. Hope we all stay in touch always!

Friday, December 31, 2010

For the year of 2010

let's see what I have achieved from my list =)

1) Gotten my PADI diving license!
2) Went to Krabi as graduation trip!
3) Organized Rock climbing as my fund-raising project! (not Batu cave rock climb thou)
4) Went to Hot Air Ball0on Fiesta! ( not riding on it thou but contented by just being there =) )
5) Joined Raleigh Expedition!
6) Experienced white water rafting in Gopeng!
7) Went to Cameron Highland for the Irau hike!

1) Conquering Mount. Kinabalu in July!

Those not in the list but I'm glad and proud of
1) Graduated in July!
2) Gotten my Kayak Star 1 course!
3) Conquered Gunung Irau! ( the 9th highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia, 2100m)
4) Organized & volunteered at the Zoo Negara!

And now my new resolution would be to blog on these 10 adventures I had asap before my memories fade away. I love the year of 2010 where it turns out to be a real fruitful year for me. Everything is POSSIBLE as long as you determine enough to make it happen! =)

So, live your life with no regrets!